Technical tools for excellence in capturing evidence based outcomes.



The TxOffice® line of products are designed to enable treatment systems and individual practitioners to achieve precision in clinical documentation, while maintaining excellent patient care.

TxOffice®-ADS is a scalable cloud-based software system, with integrated security and user access levels, designed to meet the needs of single and multi-site Adult Day Service centers within the Long Term Care industry. Each client has a secure web interface, so all that is needed is a standard web browser. TxOffice®-ADS maintains secure client records to ensure confidentiality, in accordance with HIPAA, and meets the documentation requirements of state* regulations.

TxOffice®-ADS meets the needs of the team members that it takes to run an Adult Day Health (ADH) center:

Intake specialists can generate an Admission Report of all pertinent details needed by the clinical team to begin quality care during the very 1st visit.

Once the admission process and multidisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment is complete, the Comprehensive Assessment Report can be generated.

The record is now ready for the Marketing Team to access reports on Source of Referrals and follow-up information to guide future marketing efforts.

Multidisciplinary Care Plans are currently designed to integrate the assessment results of various disciplines, such as Nursing, Occupational Therapy (based on the most recent version of the AOTA – Occupational Therapy Practice Framework), Social Work and Mental Health.

The Internal Case Manager will have a record with personal/biographical data at their fingertips, without need for double entry, and ready to capture data as evidence of service delivery. They will have easy access to Care Plan Updates, ready for the most current revisions.

Program managers and clinical supervisors can review client cases, which can be based in one or multiple sites, and perform quality assurance reviews of negotiated care plans and documentation using our efficient navigation and care plan approval system.

Key features which enhance the functionality of TxOffice®-ADS include structured data for progress tracking, interoperability using HL7 messaging (Health Level 7), integrated features for search and filtering, evaluations, progress notes, integrated ICD-9 / ICD-10 codes and diagnosis, outcome tracking, medication management, integrated standard assessments, attendance tracking and reports.

More than fifty custom reports are currently implemented in the system, with more being added on a regular basis. Standard, non-custom reports can be generated using a variety of software programs that are seamlessly integrated with TxOffice® line of products. New reports can be created on demand.

*Washington State. State’s regulation requirements are added based on client location.

Our Philosophy

Nuvelox® Technologies strives to create the most innovative tools to help Adult Day Service centers survive these challenging economic times.

We believe that quality patient care is a provider’s first priority and concern. Efficient management of clinical documentation and administration of today’s health care is required to preserve time for direct care.

Nuvelox® believes that mastery of technical tools can ultimately improve care and ensure patients remain the focus of clinical practice.

Nuvelox® develops electronic tools that allow in-depth documentation, while reducing the time providers spend on administrative tasks. Providers can then spend more time providing care to patients, thereby improving outcomes. Our products give practitioners the ability to capture and track treatment outcomes in a structured format, ready to be used in evidence based practice.

Nuvelox® is customer focused. We continually strive to simplify and improve clinical data management for the benefit of our customers and their patients. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and to continually developing new products to meet those needs. Nuvelox® partners with its customers during the research, development and implementation process and guides them through the final implementation of their new system.

Nuvelox® is agile. Our company ethic demands a quick and dependable response to customer needs for customizations and changes.

Nuvelox® is quality. We provide our customers with products and services that conform to the highest industry standards , using HL7 messaging.

Our Company

Nuvelox®Technologies, LLC is a privately held company based in Washington State. The company was started in 2006 by an occupational therapist, a systems engineer and a social scientist to develop software solutions for clinical documentation, practice systems management, and data collection for use in research to support evidence-based clinical practice. The outcome is the TxOffice® line of products.

TxOffice®-ADS was created and has been in research and development since 2010. Seattle based Full Life Care, an award winning non-profit Adult Day Services organization, has been used as a model.

Nuvelox® and TxOffice® are registered trademarks and are the property of Nuvelox®Technologies, LLC